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"Dirty Pieces of Paper Can Earn You A Full-Time Living on eBay, Using Little Known Tips, Tricks and Techniques that Took Me More Than FORTY YEARS to Learn!"


Dear Reader

Thereís something I want you to know, about an incredible way to make really fabulous profits on eBay, and I bet you wonít ever hear this from anyone else.   Thatís because if any other eBay seller knows about this goldmine, theyíre certainly keeping it to themselves. 

I would keep it secret too if it wasnít for the fact I have made so much money from this business and I know it can never be saturated no matter how many people begin selling the product we'll talk about today on eBay.  In fact this business grows better by the day and can be worked on all eBay sites - I work mainly on and - but you can work it on the Australian site, or in Canada, as well as in America and the UK, you can work it anywhere in the world in fact offering access to the Internet and to eBay!

First let me tell you thereís nothing secret about what Iím doing to make a very decent living on eBay, I write about it all the time, I am an eBay PowerSeller and editor of a newsletter about making money on eBay, Iíve always been very open about what I sell and how much money I make. 

But even with so many years' experience most of my readers find it hard to believe a dirty postcard like that shown below and which I bought for pennies can fetch £155 - approximately $250 at the time - on eBay!  :

One can only imagine how much that dirty card might fetch in good condition. 

Even so, the profit mark up was outstanding, yet not all that unusual on eBay!

Even better, here's a card I didn't actually buy, it was included in a bundle of really poor quality postcards I picked up at auction and no one, except me, had spotted this on the reverse of a topographical postcard which subsequently made me more than $370 on

And so, with such wonderful profits you won't be surprised to learn, when people ask me: ĎWhatís the best thing to sell on eBay?í, I always answer Ďpreferably something collectible, old and rare, which costs you little or nothing to buy and sells at a respectable mark up, and very often reaches record-breaking finishing prices!  Thatís the best thing to sell on eBay.í

So many things fit the bill, like stamps and coins, books and cigarette cards, but none Iíve encountered in my forty years of selling collectibles comes even close to vintage postcards for generating a really good income, even for sellers lacking experience and knowledge and without investing huge chunks of cash to get started.

Now I've recorded everything I know to paper, or rather to eBook, which will tell you all I know about selling postcards , and making money every time you list these hot little collectibles on eBay.

Finally - Available for the Very First Time  -  My Proven, Tried and Tested Secret for Guaranteeing Your eBay Account is Filled With Fresh Sales Every Day Ö..

Postcards are different to most antiques and collectibles, very different, because you really can list postcards on eBay that cost you just a few pennies to buy and fetch double figure finishing prices, sometimes triple figure sums.  You can do this any day, every day, at any time, on any eBay country site.

I live in the UK, but I list postcards all over the world on eBay, because it isn't just in your own country that you can make really big profits selling vintage topographical postcards.  In fact the business can usually work better for you overseas, especially where you buy foreign postcards which few people want in your country and you promote them to millions of insatiable postcard collectors all over the world, on all eBay country sites.  So, although you might find me talking in £s and $s, in BANK BIG PROFITS SELLING VINTAGE TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEW POSTCARDS ON EBAY, I'll show you how to market items that cost next to nothing in your own country, or overseas if you fancy bringing stock home from your holidays, which can fetch hundreds of pounds or dollars, or euros or francs, or almost any other currency depending on which eBay site you list them.

Imagine Paying Pocket Money Prices for Dirty Bit of Paper and Selling Them on eBay for Double or Triple Figures Sums Ö

Ö.. like this dingy old postcard that cost me nothing and fetched $215.00 Ö


This is the Australian National Cricket Team in 1902.  I found this card where no-one else was looking and maybe never would look to find this card.  You wouldnít think ten people would bid over $215 on eBay's American site - then about £107 -  for a picture of people just sitting there, doing nothing, would you?  But they did!

This one of Ox Roasting in Filey, About 1911, cost 25p, and made £72.11 on!

Thatís almost a 29,000% profit on investment Ö but actually they are just one or two recent examples, I have many more tales to tell of postcards that cost me pennies, sometimes I got them free, that fetched wonderful prices on eBay. 

Okay, before you say it, yes I do have forty years edge on anyone new starting in this business, Iíve learned a lot in that time, all of which Iíll reveal to you in a moment.  But I wonít tell you lies, I wonít butter you up just to get you to buy my book.  I promose you really can make easy money in this largely undiscovered market on eBay, very quickly too with proven advice and experience to guide you.  Without help youíll probably fail more times than youíll win listing vintage postcards on eBay.  But you will get there eventually, even on your own!

But even though Iíve been selling postcards since long before many of you were even born, I wonít kid you itís a difficult business, itís actually very easy, but there are proven tricks and tips you must know about so you can join me in picking up vintage postcards for next to nothing and selling them for unbelievable mark-ups

This is me years ago, long before eBay even existed, the scene is a collectorsí fair at Billingham Forum, about 1980, the man was and still is a regular buyer of my postcards.

On a good day Iíd make double figure sums at flea markets, but just a few such markets existed locally, there just werenít enough collectors to make a full time business worthwhile, and most people bought just postcards of local views, I hardly ever sold an item depicting anywhere more than twenty miles from the flea market.

Then along came eBay and with it the chance to sell postcards of all types to collectors in virtually every country on earth.  No longer did customers for my postcards want just local topographical views, no longer did my profits depend almost entirely on ten or twenty really enthusiastic collectors from local towns and villages.  On eBay millions of people buy millions of postcards depicting countless villages, towns and cities all over the world, and for this the takings for one postcard sold on eBay can way exceed my entire weekly earnings from sales at local flea markets.

But I Definitely Will Not Show You How to Sell Just Any Old Postcard Ö..

Ö.. and the reason I wonít show you how to sell any old postcard is because there are far too many types of postcard to learn about, far too much risk involved with most vintage postcards, far too much money to lose buying stuff that just doesnít sell.

Instead I will show you how to sell one specific type of postcard, the kind that regularly fetches record high finishing prices, the kind of postcard that millions of people all over the world look to buy every day, the kind of postcard you really can pick up for pennies and sell at double figure sums on eBay.

Referred to by most people as Ďtopographicalí, the kind of postcards youíll soon be selling depict places, geographical locations, such as towns and cities, small villages and hamlets, in your own country and overseas.  Theyíre hugely popular, and 'view cards' such as those youíll soon be selling, really can be bought for a tiny pittance at auction or flea market, at boot sale or even on eBay itself, and resold at ten, twenty, sometimes hundreds of times the price you paid

Just remember, this isnít work at all, itís an immensely profitable way to make a good living, entirely from home if you like or just using home as a base from which to venture out a few times each week to find more postcards that nobody seems to want which have potential to fetch two or three figure sums on eBay.

Itís the Easiest, Most Enjoyable Business Youíre Ever Likely to Find!

I normally make several thousand dollars (or other currency) a week selling old postcards on eBay, sometimes more, sometimes less, but bear in mind eBay represents just part of my working week, I do many other things besides, mainly writing and publishing.  Yet still postcards represent the best way possible for me to make really good profits whenever I choose. 

My book will tell you all about selling vintage topographical postcards on eBay, whether you live in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, anywhere on earth in fact where thereís access to an eBay site to sell these fast profit items to countless eager buyers.

I really am giving you my hard earned experience, forty years of it, for less than the price of a night out and I promise to show you all you need to know to make hundreds or thousands of pounds or dollars equivalent in any currency, literally in days. 

Imagine Getting Access to Forty Years of My Life Experience, For Less Than the Price of a Night Out!!

Youíll get 40 years worth of priceless tricks, tips and techniques, all in one go!  And, unlike many business opportunity markets, Iím not writing about a market Iíve just researched once and regurgitated without proven experience.  This market is mine, I work it every day, I love it, I wonít ever stop selling postcards on eBay.

And neither will you once I tell you just about everything you need to know, everything I already know about the business.

Why You Should Get Started Soon Selling Vintage Topographical View Postcards on eBay

They're among the most collectable items, alongside stamps and coins, and most topographical view postcards actually sell themselves. No experience is required to sell vintage topographical view postcards although a few little known tricks and techniques will help you spot a card that costs just pennies and fetches thirty or forty or even several hundred dollars (or pounds or other currency equivalent because this business works just as well on as on or any other country site). 

  But even a few dollars for a postcard is nothing to be sniffed at, because under the right conditions, highly prized and highly priced postcards can be picked up in bulk, every day, for just pennies apiece.  I'll show you how to list them so fast you'll be banking hundreds of pounds or dollars each day for postcards that cost you little or nothing.

  All types of postcards sell on eBay but none presses quite the same buttons for millions of buyers all over the world than cards featuring places they know, places theyíve visited, maybe places theyíve heard a great deal about but which sadly no longer exist.  Among hundreds of postcards featuring children, flowers, animals and hundreds of other popular collecting themes, itís view cards, referred to as Ďtopographical postcardsí, that attract the highest number of buyers and fetch the most spectacular finishing prices. 

  Postcards are lightweight, easy to handle, cheap to post.  They are the easiest products in the world to pack and post, which leaves you more time to upload more high price products and spend as little time as possible processing orders.

  So few specific details need changing between postcards meaning you can create a template to suit every postcard you ever list where only title and illustration vary between items.

  People who collect one postcard, typically collect lots of postcards, and you can easily achieve a large audience of regular, repeat buyers for your business.

  Postcards were and still are one of the most prolific collectibles, people used to send hundreds of cards to friends and family in the heyday of postcard collecting around the turn of the 19th/20th centuries and many of those items still exist today and frequently appear in bulk at auction.  So you can buy hundreds or thousands of postcards in just one day, actually in just a few minutes, where traders in other antiques and collectibles take weeks or months to acquire stock to even contemplate the kind of money you'll soon be making.

Secrets to Help You Begin Selling Vintage Topographical View Postcards Literally Days From Now

Postcards represent a product you can begin making great profits from literally in days, using all the tips, tricks, and secret buying and selling techniques itís taken me years to learn. 

Such as:

  How to buy postcards so cheap youíre guaranteed to profit on every sale.

  How to make sure every single item you buy will sell at a profit.

  Which postcards to buy and which to avoid, and how to calculate profits before you ever spend a penny on stock.

The Real Beauty of It All is This Ö 

Ö. unlike other people whose books you buy to learn Ďhow to do thisí and Ďhow to do thatí, I write with experience, about forty yearsí experience, experience of selling the very same items Iím telling you about now.  I know pretty much all you ever need to know to make a great living selling vintage postcards, and Iíve packed all that information into one exclusive book which Iím offering you now at a tiny, almost insignificant fraction of the time, effort and money it took me to learn the secrets youíll discover in BANK BIG PROFITS SELLING VINTAGE TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEW POSTCARDS ON EBAY.

Enough About Me, Where Do You Come Into the Picture?

Iím not a mind reader, but I bet youíre wondering why on earth I'm sharing my secrets with you?

Itís because millions of people worldwide buy postcards, compared to just a few thousand people selling them, thereís no chance the market will ever be saturated.  Postcards are the worldís third most popular collectible and often fetch unexpectedly high prices, and it doesnít matter if I buy every single postcard I set eyes on from now to forever, there will still be plenty left for countless other people.   So I have no problems sharing my knowledge with you. 

So Many People Promise to Help You Make Money, Why Should I Be Any Different?

The big reason is, this business has been tried and tested, by me, by many other people, itís time tested and proven to work.  I personally use all the tricks, tips and techniques included in my book to make money every day selling postcards on eBay, and, bear in mind Iím doing it part-time, I also spend time writing and marketing other products also on eBay.  The postcard business takes me just an hour or two each day, yet makes more than what most people consider a very attractive full-time income. 

So you see I am not just claiming this business works, Iíve proved it works, and Iíll show you how to do exactly the same, or better if you work more than an hour or two each day.

Ah Yes, Thatís Easy for Me to Say, But How Do I Know Youíll Make Money Selling Postcards on eBay?

The fact is, I donít, I havenít a clue how much youíll make from this business, you might make nothing at all.  I canít force you to run the business, I canít even make you read my book or apply the easy straightforward procedures involved.  All I can do is provide you with a simple, step by step, proven system for running a profitable, immensely enjoyable business selling vintage topographical view postcards on eBay, itís up to you what you do with my plan.

One Thing You MUST Know About Postcards

You have to know where to get hold of them, inexpensively, in bulk, with guaranteed high profit potential. And that is the biggest secret of all that I can pass on to you because these suppliers are difficult to find by yourself.  I know where to get them because Iíve been getting them from the same secret sources for almost my entire working life.  These places are rarely divulged by most people selling postcards, and with such a devoted clientele these sellers donít need to advertise so youíre unlikely to find them fast.  The key to discovering these places is normally one of trial and error, finding someone willing to spill the beans, waiting for someone to confide in you, more likely itís all down to luck.

You donít have to be quite so lucky because I know all of these places, Iíve bought from them over many years, I even know most of the staff very well.  And yes, I share this information with you in BANK BIG PROFITS SELLING VINTAGE TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEW POSTCARDS ON EBAY.

Thatís just a tiny few of the secrets Iíll share with you, Iíll help you make big money right away by purchasing postcards inexpensively which have guaranteed BIG profit mark-up, on eBay. 

Iíll tell you all you really need to know as soon as you place your order and download your eBook.  And it doesnít matter where in the world you live or which eBay site you use most, it doesnít matter if you donít even know what a topographical postcard is right now, and you definitely donít need bundles of cash or previous experience to make a good living right from day one.

In BANK BIG PROFITS SELLING VINTAGE TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEW POSTCARDS ON EBAY, Iíll answer all of the questions you have right now about selling these hot collectibles on eBay, and reveal:

  A really sneaky way to check online and in just 30 seconds know exactly how much a postcard might make for you on eBay.  You donít even have to leave home to do this and you must never reveal this secret to anyone, certainly not the hundreds of sellers youíll be obtaining valuable postcards from for a few pennies each.  I really mean that, if you tell anyone else about this secret, the game is up and your supplier is gone.   This is a really nifty trick, so outstandingly subtle, and once you know how to play this game youíre guaranteed to sell every postcard you ever buy and always double, triple or even further expand your investment.

  The one type of postcard thatís despised by dealers, it has zero resell value, to them that is, because that card Ė and hundreds more like it - can be a unique source of very high profits for you (once you know the secret sign to a really valuable postcard that less experienced sellers always overlook).  The last of these much despised cards I found cost me 10p from a shoebox packed with hundreds of similarly Ďworthlessí items and it reached £28 on eBay.  I did nothing to the card, I sold it exactly as I had bought it, and I took just two minutes to add more than £27 to its value.  Itís the easiest thing in the world to do using a tiny gizmo youíll get for less than a pound on any high street. (Page 10)

  Why you should never let other people value your finds, even top experts at auctions and antiques events, theyíll price your item way too low, and even offer to buy it from you at their pathetic low price, simply because they want to rob you of your profits.  Trust me on this, it happens all the time, I sold postcards at antiques and collectorsí fairs for more than twenty years and youíll be surprised at the genuine mistakes and even scams dealers operate to rob other people of high value items. (Page 82)

  Four amazing ways to turn postcards you can pick up dirty cheap into valuable collectibles with multi bidders and high finishing prices. (Page 70)

  How to make a good card look even better and more appealing to bidders.  In so doing an ordinary card can become the subject of a bidding war that turns a card that cost you a few pence into a three figure multi-bid item on eBay.  (Page 47)

  Why the first few seconds spent viewing at auction or flea market or boot sale or collectorís fair will tell you more than most people will ever know even after several hours spent studying the very same items. 

  Which two words to include in your eBay title to ensure everyone wanting to buy your item will quickly find it and immediately place a bid.  (Page 20)

  How to hone in on inexperienced sellers offering quality postcards in bundles, sometimes complete collections or entire business stock, at a tiny fraction of their resale value on eBay.  Once you know who these people are and where to find them youíll be able to buy from them again and again, every day if you like, but if you let them know what you are doing youíll be kissing goodbye to this incredible product profit source.

  How to spot a card worth potentially hundreds of pounds against one that will lose you money, how to do it day after day, several times a day, right from day one.

  Profits from a scam thatís worked at auctions every day, few people notice it, but itís the easiest trick in the book to spot.  And spot it you must or youíll end up being cheated and robbed and unsure about ever bidding again at auction.  But this trick can make a fortune for you, though itís something you wonít ever see until you know where to look.  You wonít be doing anything illegal or immoral, and there is just one place to look to make this magic trick work for you.  (Page 35)

  THE One and Only Question you need ever ask to distinguish a postcard worth double figure, even triple figure sums on eBay, against another not worth the paper it's printed on.  Just 10 words, TEN WORDS, out of my book are worth more than anything else anyone else in the world will ever tell you about valuing vintage topographical view postcards for profit.  (Page 23)

As you can see the book is packed with tips and tricks to help you make really big profits selling one of the most collectable and profitable of all products on eBay, but if you need any further convincing to place your order for the book, maybe this Table of Contents will do the trick. 

A Sneak View of the Contents

Chapter                                                                     Page 

                Introduction                                                                                      4

                How I Got Started in the Business                                                     15


                History of Postcard Collecting                                                           17


                Benefits of Selling Postcards (all types, not just topographical)             18


                Topographical Postcards and Why They Are So Profitable                  20


                A Simple Way to Determine Rarity Value                                          23

                How and Where to Buy Topographical Postcards                                32

                How to Tell Good Topographical Postcard Stock From                        42

                Worthless Rubbish

                About Condition                                                                                44

                    Increase The Perceived and Actual Value of a Postcard                        47

                Listing Postcards on eBay                                                                  51

                Adding Pictures to Your eBay Listings                                                65

                Four Great Ways to Start an eBay Bidding War for Your Postcards     70

                Important Advice About Place Names                                                77

               More Buying and Selling Tips                                                             80

               Summary                                                                                          83

               Stop Press                                                                                         84

One Final Thing

Remember, no special experience is called for on your part, and my book is written in straightforward, easy to follow instructions.  There are pictures and illustrations to help you more easily understand what's involved, as well as step-by-step instructions showing you how to list topographical postcards on eBay even if you've never sold on eBay before.

You can start this business any time you like, it won't date, it won't go out of fashion.    The business, and my eBook, work equally well in the USA as in the UK, or in Japan, or Ireland, Italy or Canada, in fact anywhere at all!

But I would recommend anyone currently contemplating this 'ground-floor' opportunity to Ö..   do it now   Ö..  simply because if you don't establish a strong foothold in one or more areas soon, someone else may beat you to it.

Bear in mind this massive report is designed to work in any country, it is not restricted by boundaries, and it doesn't matter who you are, what experience you have, how old or how young you are.  If you have a computer and Internet access you can run this business, starting now, starting today.

Order Now and Download Right Away - Even During the Night

There really can't be a business easier than this, or more enjoyable, or so immensely profitable!

So claim your copy of 
BANK HUGE PROFITS SELLING VINTAGE TOPOGRAPHICAL VIEW POSTCARDS ON EBAY  today.   All you have to do now is click on the payment button below and, within minutes, you'll have downloaded this report and you'll be well on your way to grabbing your own share of this lucrative business.


Avril Harper

P.S.   All of our products are guaranteed for 56 days / 8 weeks, so if you are in any way unhappy, just email me for a full money back refund.












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